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Carolina Non-Profit Foundation Officially founded in February 2018, on the occasion of the World Network Security Day, the Foundation already boasts collaborations and projects with national and international Institutions, Universities and digital world Companies.

Carolina Non-Profit Foundation

Officially founded in February 2018, on the occasion of the World Network Security Day, the Foundation already boasts collaborations and projects with  national and international Institutions, Universities and digital world Companies.

The non-profit was initially conceived and created by Paolo Picchio in 2013, in the name of his daughter Carolina, the first recognized victim of cyberbullying in Italy, to raise awareness among the educating community on the risks associated with the incorrect and unaware use of new media.

The mission of Fondazione Carolina includes the continuous training of new generations and individuals in educational responsibility. In addition to the preventive actions, we promote, with our study center, research activities to anticipate those phenomena that can generate discomfort due to a bad digital experience.

The Foundation also guarantees, with its experts, on-site support throughout the country for the most serious cases of cyberbullying.

Carolina Foundation collects the message of a girl who is no longer among us, who has entered the hearts of new generations.

Her story and her smile, which has become an icon, remind us of all the beauty, love and joy of living that we can compromise with just one click.

The numbers

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serious cases
managed by the Rescue Team



The web evolves faster and faster and so do trends, languages and social phenomena. It is important to keep up with the latest trends, from the most popular social network to the challenge of the moment. Monitoring the children’s habits on the web requires knowing the dangers, risks and fears of the new generations.


Our mission is to shape a world in which the web is a safe “place” for children and adolescents, rediscovering the value of authentic relationships also on social networks. This is why we believe in initiatives that start from the base, built together with the whole educating community. Because generally, in the educational field, imposed solutions do not work but the shared ones do, especially on the web.


A 360-degree training action – spanning from pre-adolescence to adults with educational responsibility – must base on continuity, participation and return of what has been learned. Building something together on a shared journey is a lesson that can hardly be forgotten.


Analyzing the training interventions proposed in schools, teachers and educators, there is a clear lack of homogeneity, from institution to institution, with often inconsistent approaches and methodologies, due to lack of scientifically validated reference models. For this reason the Carolina Foundation, in collaboration with AICA – the Italian association for automatic calculation dedicated to the development of digital culture – has created CYBERSCUDO (cyber shield): an exam module that certifies the possession of the skills necessary to use the web in a conscious and safe way, identifying and promptly avoiding cyberbullying.


Carolina Foundation acts as a support to families and the community, because relationships must also reflect healthy authenticity on the web. A community cannot ignore the values ​​that make us ‘human’. Carolina Foundation carries out communication campaigns focused on the concept of Respect 2.0, without distinction between real life and the digital dimension. Every year i we organize events for public discussion, debates and educational events on the occasion of the Safer Internet Day, the world day for network security in February. And on the occasion of Caro’s birthday, on June 13, to remember her vitality, her strength and her message, renewing the commitment we took to make her dreams come true every day.


Institutions, sector operators, media companies, associations, users and consumers. Everyone has a role in building a new principle of digital citizenship. Carolina’s words, with their identity value, represent a universal key, capable of putting the best energies, experiences, ideas and projects into the system for the benefit of all. Parents, children, educators ask us every day to indicate which paths, structures and tools can meet their needs. Hence the idea of ​​creating a “Network for the Network”, made of courage, empathy and solidarity.


You can’t really take care of someone until you stand next to them. Our support, especially for cases of online violence, necessarily includes availability, meeting and coaching. These three pillars of our Foundation’s work are based on the network of Pepita non-profit’s educators and on authoritative collaborations in the academic field. A know-how that enabled us to make an agile and effective team available for all the main educational actors, for taking charge of the most serious cases of bullying, cyberbullying and illegal phenomena on the web.

Rescue Team

From schools to gyms, from oratories to artistic activities, all the main places frequented by children can be covered by a single service.

It is an cross-disciplinary team for proximity interventions, in presence when necessary, which can be activated in severe cases of online bullying and digital deviance. An emergency team that embraces educational, psychological, legal and communicative skills.


The actions of Fondazione Carolina also leverage a participatory security mobile application, with differentiated services that can be activated directly from the smartphones of the requestor. Once trained, all teachers, educators, entertainers and coaches will be able to click on the appropriate icon and send reports directly to our operations center, to promptly receive directions for each specific case.

Tools for training activities

When we experience emotions there is nothing virtual, we feel everything on our skin. Digital education passes through this awareness. Next to hashtags, memes and claims, for the message to pass loud and clear the sense of belonging must be nurtured. Workshops, interactive games, books, comics, videos, also in VR mode, bridge the distances between us and others, but also those between solitude and hope.

“The establishment of the Carolina Foundation closes a circle that is almost six years long. Today we know that cyberbullying, in its cruelest form, cannot be rubricated as just a foolery, but that – as Caro wrote – “words harm more than beatings”. Everyone understood it, even those kids who faced this long journey of reflection and awareness of the consequences of their actions. The Parliament dedicated the first law to protect minors in the field of cyberbullying to Carolina; in my daughter’s name the first proceeding in Europe on digital bullying was celebrated. Thanks to the contribution of my lawyer, Anna Livia Pennetta, the trial identified the perpetrators with certainty, and clarified that there is nothing virtual about the pain: bullying, especially in the digital sphere, cannot be considered as just a foolery.

That’s why we have created a non-profit organization, the Carolina Foundation, with the best experts in education, training, legal and communication, so that we can put ourselves at the service of families and young people. Because today there is no distinction between real and virtual. During the many public meetings of these years I have experienced unexpected emotions. In those countless hugs I was looking for the comfort that today many, too many kids are asking me.”

Honorary President

Paolo Picchio

“We can prevent and combat cyberbullying to the extent that we will educate to respect, involving children and adults. To date, one year after the Foundation dedicated to her has been created, Caro’s message has reached tens of thousands of children in schools, oratories and in all educational contexts. The training, the only one certified by a third party, is targeted at parents, teachers that are point of reference for cyberbullying, administrative, technical and auxiliary staff, coaches, educators, and staff from the healthcare sector.

We prefer continuous education to spot speeches and lectures.

“Only 15% of students talk to parents about what they learned in the classroom. We must respect the new generations more, understand that to help them it is not enough to have read two books and show some videos on YouTube; it takes skills, passion and credibility. Instead, many, too many pseudo experts enter schools, without adequate specific preparation and without the necessary experience”.

In this spirit, the Carolina Foundation will present the first “Digital Welfare Charter” which engages institutions, stakeholders and media companies for the well-being of the whole community, digital and otherwise. Because there can be no community without humanity, as our Caro taught us.”

General secretary

Ivano Zoppi

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